HTML/CSS, design and cats

My name is Charis. I make websites.

Here you can find stuff I like and makes me happy :) Enjoy!


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How to turn Google+ into an online photography portfolio; Sounds pretty good.

Simple easy grid generator.

If I will ever use a grid generator, it’ll be this one.

A QR code with the logo of the social network where you’re linking to.

Advanced jQuery background image slideshow. Pretty neat. 

How to Create a Lifestream with Google Reader. For the lazy people :)

Backgrounds, for download available too.

Jquery-QR. A Jquery plugin to generate a QR code. I like!

Mediaqueries. Good, good examples!

Siruca Pictograms, very useful. And free, also.

A nice overview and reference.

Letterheads. Isn’t this just too cool?

A quick and simple service for getting pictures of kittens for use as placeholders in your designs or code.

Placekitten, best of both worlds.

Nothing wrong with 10 rock solid website layout examples

Designmoo, where you can find, and actually download the stuff you see. I like!

Fancy shadows. Mmmmm!

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